thread: 2006-01-31 : An Awesome Line of Thought

On 2006-01-31, Brendon wrote:

I highly recommend reading into the creation of psychodrama, and subsequently sociodrama, by Jacob Moreno.  I’m reading The Art of Play by Blatner and Blatner which is inspired by the subject; the examples at times seem like one of the newer style of games.  It’s amazing to me that gaming and this form of psychotherapy have so much cross over.  I kid you not, this is a book co-authored by a M.D., and there is a two page example with a director, a player of Queen Guineve and another of Sir Lancelot playing out the discovery of a plot to kill King Arthur.  Read it and try to tell the difference from Polaris.  As near as I can tell, it’s just a little less (or perhaps just differently) structured.

Not only is the crossover interesting, but I think studies of it could push theorists in new directions.  For example, sociodrama relies on mechanisms such as replay and role-reversal to push the drama forward or redefine it, both techniques that I don’t believe have received much play exploration yet.


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