thread: 2006-01-31 : An Awesome Line of Thought

On 2006-02-01, Meguey wrote:

One of the coolest things we (Emily, Vincent, and I) did was figure this out. Twice in our 6 year game, we ran into places that veered the story so sideways we none of us liked it.

The first time, a wizard’s duel with reanimated newly dead (killed on the scene) became the wild rumors that sprang from the lesser (unplayed) actual event. The second time, the killing of a local fairy and resultant slaughter of a mage in revenge turned into the foresight of the only Seer character in the saga, who had had many such visions before throughout the game.

This allowed us to actually play a scene, and if it didn’t fit, we could fix it and still use it, instead of the horribly clunky ‘ret-con’ of old.


This makes KM go "Snapshot"
MSM and I have been using "Snapshot" in our play when we want to do something experimental but aren't sure that the other is going to like it. What if the king isn't outraged here, what if he'd grateful that yu killed his son...that would take the story in a totally new direction. If we didn't like it then we'd just go back to the "Snap Shot" part of our play.

This makes SLB go "Osiris J. Christ, Meg..."
...that's revelatory. I'm gonna steal that.

Actual Play examples really take this stuff from "gee, sounds kinda neat <yawn>" to "I'm gonna use that shit next session!"

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