thread: 2006-01-31 : An Awesome Line of Thought

On 2006-02-01, Vincent wrote:

What’s important to me here about replaying is that, in these games that don’t exist yet, you aren’t replaying because you accidently made a crap story. Replay or not, the story’s good. What you’re doing then is trying on different approaches to the same thematic question.

Question: what does it mean to be honorable?
Answer 1: it means killing your dishonorable lord!
Answer 2: well, not killing your dishonorable lord after all, that’s bad dishonor, so I guess it really does mean that.

Or else, just as valid, Answer 2: it means letting your dishonorable lord live, but taking arms agaisnt his policies.

I’m afraid that few enough of you can imagine how actual play creates theme that overall I’m not making myself clear, here. Point is, replaying could let you pursue alternate takes on the original question, which alternate takes may all confirm the same thematic answer, or they may diverge into different thematic answers, and let’s find out which.


This makes RC go "Wasn't this Tony's pitch?"
Tony was selling Mountain Witch at Dreamation on this very point. Every time you repeat the scenario, you will make different decisions.

This makes RC go "Huh"
How many RC's are there on this board? I'll switch to RAC if there's a collision. --Roger

This makes BL go "Falling Leaves!"
In the immortal words of Andy Kitkowski: "My nipples are like diamonds."

This makes RGC go "s'okay I'll switch"
was going to use a different name but decided against it.

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