thread: 2006-01-31 : An Awesome Line of Thought

On 2006-02-01, Vincent wrote:

...Yeah, okay.

Let’s go back to the jumping-off place here, then, which is playing your character in another character’s memory. Really what jazzes me about it is that it’s a trick like frickin’ Matt Wilson’s trick: it makes us think of our characters as characters, so we approach our stories as stories, not as made-up journalism.


This makes SDL go "I like that..."
..."made-up journalism" has a nice ring to it, to describe the standard approach. It also seems to capture the feel of most novels - the non-postmodern majority.

This makes VB go "not me."
I intend "made-up journalism" specifically to contrast with novels - at least with any novel worth the word.

This makes misuba go "made-up *bad* journalism, you mean."

This makes Matt S go "No, just Perry ..."
No, V means just what he said -- made-up journalism -- and has already judged it, which I thought was pretty clear in his post there. It's what that You Are Not Safe Here business was about last week.

This makes CS go "journalism, or journaling?"
I've never seen any RP that reminded me of journalism (non-narrative, no requirement of temproral sequence, frequently leads with a strong framing, and is used to convey information). However, most rping does look like journaling ("Dear diary, here are the highlights of my day, killed three trolls, proved how much I love my father, and that I value honesty more than affection.")

This makes VB go "I just mean a made-up series of events without thematic content."
If I'm maligning journalism, I take it back.

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