thread: 2006-01-31 : An Awesome Line of Thought

On 2006-02-05, SDL wrote:

Evryone watch this week’s Battlestar Galactica?

It seems that episode was pretty much what we are sort of talking about here, no?

We have a pretty simple series of events - a spacefighter duel in a dense rock field.

But every time the protagonists come up to a “decision point”, all the side characters jump in, via a flashback scene, to determine if the protag has the Strength she needs to overcome the challenge, or if she is weighed down by her Flaws & Doubts.

After seeing it in action like this, even pre-rendered, i am convinced of its potential for coolness. ;)

There was flashback scenes in the flashbacks too, only shorter.


This makes KSB go "Not to mention"
In the books by Richard Morgan, major influence in my WIP game Source Code, the main character costantly have these flashbacks. I've been floundering, and this here thread made the entire game come together. Now to make it mechanically feasible

This makes RIF go "I hate you all."
They're not screening Season 2 in Australia.

This makes NinJ go "They're screening Season 2 on the internet."
That's how I've gotten most of it. You can also get it from the iTunes store for a buck or two American. I think that works in Australia.

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