thread: 2006-01-26 : A Public Service Announcement

On 2006-02-14, Dantai wrote:

Here’s my RPG Theory - it’s all about the fun!
I see six distinctive flavours of fun in role-playing games and entertainments. Which are best? I don’t know!

Fun fun fun in the sun sun sun.

It’s wierd that Ron refers to ‘brain-damage’ I’d have thought a biologist wouldn’t want to confuse physiological trauma and learned behaviours, still it gets people talking…


This makes NinJ go "I don't understand your model..."
You mean, the Social Contract leads to: play, which leads to: both Authorship (that uses mechanics) and Fun (which is the point) which leads to at least one of: Gamings Exploration, Narrative, Immersion, Unity, and Smiles?

I dunno, man. I don't follow. Now, presumably addressing theme is buried in your 6 Flavors, but I don't understand your diagram enough to read it at all.

This makes RE go "The biologist says ..."
... that you ought to contact him, if you'd like to learn a little bit about learning.

This makes GG go "Yeah"
The biologist got his ass verbally handed to him a couple of weeks ago and the honeymoon looks like it is about over.

This makes SF go "Neat model, now that I read the whole thing"
Thanks! (And, CG, when did The Biologist ever have a honeymoon with the RPG community? He's been provocative and contentious for years -- and while he sometimes makes me cringe, I'm still learning valuable things from him.)

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