thread: 2006-01-26 : A Public Service Announcement

On 2006-02-17, Green wrote:

I’m a bit confused here because it seems that although many have provided examples of games that have narrow thematic play, the alternative seems to be this vague “non-narrow thematic play” that seems to lump together all the games that are not DitV or PTA or Sorcerer and other Forge games.  Do you have examples of games that offer broad thematic play that are designed to have thematic play?

For instance, the game I’m working on (Dramatikos) has a mechanic for theme-based play which definitely has an impact on the way the game is played and how players are rewarded by the system.  However, Dramatikos has the players define the themes of their games.  So in your model of narrow and non-narrow thematic play, where would such games fall?


This makes ecb go "PtA would be broad thematic..."
until you enter play, at which time the themes narrow down to the ones chosen by the players. At least that's what Vincent's reply in #35 leads me to believe.

This makes NinJ go "Yer. Likewise, with Shock:..."
I've been thinking about ways to give mechanical kick to multiple simultaneous themes, but nothing I could actually write about coherently yet.

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