thread: 2006-03-22 : Mechanics and Flinching

On 2006-03-22, Matt Wilson wrote:

Any game can do that latter thing that you’re talking about, can’t it? I mean, I can’t think of games that prevent it.

But what PTA doesn’t do, that Dogs I think does, is say, look, adversity is fun, because as a result you get to write neat new things on the sheet. And if I understand what Sydney is saying in the previous thread, it also applies to future conflicts the way he would like because you can take specific traits like “I’m really pissed off at Sebastian” 1d4* or whatever and then use them the next time there’s a Lego-related conflict or whatever.

I really like the concept of ‘when the character is screwed over, I get cookies.’ Especially if—and Dogs doesn’t have this, I don’t think, or does it?—especially if there’s a feedback loop. Like what if I’m the GM, and I provided adversity that allowed you to take that trait, and now when you use it, I get some kind of cool biscuit thing? It’d be like Fallout and Fan Mail combined. I guess Dogs has fallout for NPCs too, so that kinda works.

* I need kids of my own, obviously.


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