thread: 2006-03-22 : Mechanics and Flinching

On 2006-03-23, Ninja Monkey J wrote:

That game was hot. It’s a big example in the game text now.

Now, the funny thing about that situation was that it seemed like where we were all going at the time. I wasn’t, like, “Oo! I’ll push Vincent’s buttons!” I mean, not exceptionally. We were playing an RPG together, so it was bound to happen. But I just thought it was a neat idea at the time that your enemy (remember, you chose your antagonist to be the priest!) would have his whole, own bag going on with religion. I like recursive stories, I think; “As we are to Cthulhu, Cthulhu is to…”

I loved that Ben and I were just putting pieces on the table and you built something with them.

Now, the thing is, you’d told us to make that story. Your antagonist was a priest who told lies about a stupid, made-up religion. He’s a liar! that means that what he’s saying is related to what he actually thinks, but not in a predictable way. It was our job to make the problem interesting. You told us what you wanted to talk about.


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