thread: 2006-03-22 : Mechanics and Flinching

On 2006-03-24, Curly wrote:


I’m not here to bait you into pet debates about Ron Edwards, post-modernism, or anything else.
I think I’ve said as-much previously. But I can see why you’d suspect otherwise: Static theme smells suspiciously like Simulationism.  ‘Brain damage’ is a third rail.  The story about my thief-friend was waaay too provocative.

Please understand that I spend many hours composing my reactions using this comment form on your site.  And more often than not, I give up without hitting the Submit button at all.  I don’t quite get why my comments tend to come across as abrasive rather than constructive.

If I could make a better impression, I really would. Not just on this forum.  But the more I focus on how to bridge the conceptual gaps between myself & others/ the more I find myself focussing on the differences between us. (“Vincent doesn’t like Starship Troopers. That’s nuts!”) And those differences are probably then over-emphasized in my comments.  At least that’s the hypothesis I arrived at while typing this.  Thanks for the insight.  Sorry for the tsoris.


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