thread: 2006-03-22 : Mechanics and Flinching

On 2006-03-25, Emily Care wrote:

Awesome cases, Sydney. As if I didn’t know already, Tony rocks!

When another player who didn’t have that rapport with Tony disagreed with him on something, though, the game seized up because PTA’s system didn’t give either a lever to impose his or her will on the other.

I’ve seen this happen a couple times with PtA. When we were able to “bring it to the mechanics”, it worked out.

Just last weekend I hit this with someone else’s view of my character. I


to like what she saw in it (for my slayer vampire to truly be ee-vil), but my heart wasn’t in it, and was having a hard time playing her that way. So instead of half-heartedly doing what she wanted, I brought my unwillingness in. It was her spotlight episode, so towards the end of the session there was a chance for her to save a young P.I.B. who had befriended her, and I put myself on the side of saving her, and Meg (the gm) and the other player—and everyone else playing : )—put themselves on the other side. So my character gave in to the dark side, but I felt good that I’d put all I had in to my interpretation. It just wasn’t in the cards.

Somehow, that is sooo much better than having someone else say “do it this way” it takes the implicit “because your ideas sucks” right out of it. It felt good, too, to really own my side of the issue. That was what I wanted damn it! And I lost fair and square.


This makes ecb go "that is, it was my character's spotlight"

This makes SF go "Yes, Tony LB rocks"
He tortures my characters with uncanny precision.

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