thread: 2006-03-29 : DC Trip Report

On 2006-03-30, James Nostack wrote:

As someone who’s visited DC many, many, many times, that’s a really good account.  And yes, panda bears are perhaps the most boring creatures I’ve ever seen.  I think the Zoo should give ‘em cocaine, and then see what happens - at the very least, it might increase their libido.  Also, “Come see the coke-snorting pandas!” has a nice ring to it.

And yeah, the walk from the Washington to the Lincoln would be a nuisance with a bunch of kids.

(activate rant mode) The Air and Space museum makes me angry!  They’re still running exhibits about life on other planets.  After falling for this hook, line & sinker as a child, I now feel very disillusioned and hostile to NASA for lying to kids about the chances of “first contact”, interstellar travel, and moon-bases in my lifetime.  When the only goodwill NASA can get is from children they’ve lied to, it’s a bad sign.  (I’m not anti-science, anti-space, or anti-alien.  I’m just anti-this.)  (deactivate rant mode)

You know what else is funny in DC?  The National Grungy Basement Aquarium!  It’s like 12 fish tanks in the sub-basement of some office building, and it’s our national aquarium.  They do have some weird fish I call Suction Cup Head (a/k/a Mooch-a-saurus) who attaches to sharks, and then eats their leftovers.

Just thought I’d share.


This makes lpl go "We call this one 'Marion Barry.'"

This makes JZ go "You think pandas are boring, you should see koalas."

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