thread: 2006-03-29 : DC Trip Report

On 2006-03-30, Sydney Freedberg wrote:

It was very excellent to meet you all in person.

Please note that DC is highly non-lethal if you use our excellent public transportation! Discounted family passes available! Innovative combination of time-tested “wheel and axle” system with electrically powered “third rail” permits multiple-mile travel with a fraction of the muscule effort of walking, yet without need for braces of oxen! Get yours today!

Also, no worries about failing to do Deep Game Think. I’m already a fan of Vincent the Plainspoken, Yet Eloquent Theorist. What was great was the chance to encounter Vincent the Really Nice Human Being.


This makes AD go "Yeah, but..."
it's still a nice little walk across the Mall with kidlets after walking all day. Oh, and next time, you must see the FDR and the Jefferson, my two faves in DC. Spy Museum is supposed to be pretty effing cool, but I've never been. The best way to see the city is via the little trolley tour. You pay for an all-day pass and a trolley comes by the many city stops every 20 minutes or so. You can hop off at a monument or other site, see it, then jump back on for the tour. The drivers are fairly full of interesting DC trivia, too.

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This reminds SF of Excellent Public Transportation!