thread: 2006-06-23 : Forgetful...

On 2006-06-24, Vincent wrote:

re: Yellow Submarine, well, it was Elliot’s favorite thing in the world for six months one time, and how many times do you have to have it playing in your life before you go, yeah, that’s about enough? My personal answer is 182.5, which if you’ll do the math you’ll discover is exactly how many times I did.

So no grief on Yellow Submarine! Yeah, I’ve got ‘alf a ‘ole in my pocket, and how was it, Ringo? It was ‘arrowing, and I can’t help it, I’m a born leverpuller. Just, man.

re: your technical question, John, I’m doing an outline in ink and scanning, then paint bucketing in the large black spaces.


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