thread: 2005-04-27 : The Open House 4: Handshaking

On 2005-05-03, gbsteve wrote:

I’m Steve Dempsey. I’m 39 and live in London (the London, not some cheap Canadian imitation). I’m a civil servant in which capacity I manage several people who do maths for a living. I used to do the math myself, and was rather good at it but the Peter Principle exerted itself and moved me to a less secure position.

I edit Places to Go, People to Be (, an Aussie zine and am often confused with the zine’s creator Steve Darlington, although I’m pretty sure we’re not the only two Steve Ds in the world. We’ve got an Origins nomination so I’m crossing the pond in June to see what the fuss is about and hopefully meet some of the people I’ve only encountered on-line.

I’m a big fan of small press games, have bought most of them and even played some! I see them as the real area of creativity in gaming (as opposed to the real area of profit).

My forte is writing and running scenarios. I do the occasional piece for Dying Earth and sometimes Cthulhu or Hellboy.

I’ve got some ideas about new games but usually find that Jared Sorensen has got their first and given it away for free. Although he still hasn’t written one about struggling artists in a gothic Paris.



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