thread: 2005-05-16 : Violence

On 2005-05-18, the GreyOrm wrote:

K, if we’re going to talk about violence, let’s talk about violence, not aggression or assertiveness. No more handwaving. That’s the problem Ben is having with Chris’ points (and myself as well).

If, after all, we were talking about assertiveness and the warrior-spirit, I’d agree with Chris’ points. But since the topic was violence and the warrior-spirit, and whether the former is required for the latter, talking about assertiveness and calling it violence is just confusing the issue.

You can’t constructively discuss two different concepts and use the same word for both of them, for obvious reasons (ie: which definition you are using becomes problematic in understanding the points and formulating replies).

Use the words you mean to use: the correct words, with standard English definitions. Not the words as you’d like them to mean. In this case, violence /= aggression or assertiveness.


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