thread: 2007-02-26 : Exorcism followthrough

On 2007-02-27, James_Nostack wrote:

I never participate in these religion threads, because (a) I’m not religious, (b) I seldom have anything to add because these threads are like bright lights to theologically-minded bugs, and (c) I come here for the giant stompy robots.

But here are three religious questions, vaguely related to each other:

1.  From what I remember about Christianity, it’s all about peace, love, being non-judgmental, and transcending material concerns (such as money, pride, fear, etc.).  So why the heck is our culture, which is so loud about being Christian, obsessed with war and wealth and loneliness?

2. Let us assume that (a) climate change is real, (b) it’s as bad as the alarmists make it out to be—i.e., pretty much the end of our civilization for thousands of years, (c) it’s already to late.  (For a very extreme take on this, see Lovelock’s article in The Independent—

What’s a religion appropriate to a culture that has suffocated itself, and every other ecosystem that’s part of God’s gift to us, in its own shit?


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