thread: 2007-02-26 : Exorcism followthrough

On 2007-03-01, Councilmember Coyote wrote:

Sorry, been to busy to lurk often lately. Need to do fix that. Lots of cool things to talk and respond to/at.

J? What does the cat do with the Coyotes and would it be a problem if the demon got into something bigger? I get lumped as and somtimes lump myself as a Pagan. Its easy, not at all acurrate, except in the broadest of terms it makes sense. I think most Pagans are off their rockers because they do the equivalent of spending 15 minutes to get ready to turn the car on rather than stepping on the gas and turning the ignition. I think that analogy is the some problem I have with religion over beleif. It takes forever to do things you should be able to do and can do if you ask the right folks for help or how.

The whole breathing trick as part of mind reading was interesting but I know that some folks are well connected with out that. Prime example, the time Laura learned to play Euchre. Three 20 year veteran taught her how to play and when she partnered we me we demolished, and the other team never scored more than a point in 3 games. I was impressed because she was alwasy throwing or leading the card we needed her to so we could win the trick. I know I was keeping my best Euchre face on so not to get nailed for cross boarding. Halfway through the third game I realized she had no clue what was going on. She was reading me to know what card we needed and throwing it with out knowing why. Was she reading my breathing, not likley. And its awfully hard to convey “throw high off suit to short suit yourself” with body language. Thats what I know, what do I beleive happened? Got me, I try not to think of it. I just know my wife cheats


Now, my beilefs are mine and do not really affect most folks outside my immediate family and as such I do not exepect them to. Now I would be surprised and astounded to find what I beleive to be fact/reality/or right. For example, and this is a wacky one. Laura and I came to the conclusion early on that the cause of my cancer and its relapses was that I got wedged into this body as a “good enough” fit and that any time I did metauzzical spirtual stuff (energy work) I was damaging my body. Short version but good enough. Even if I stopped energy work the damage was still done, and of course I did not. I did alter how I did it though and have had less damage to the bod (only had one nosebleed in the last 5 years). Thats the not so wacky part. When I started chemo again in September it occured to me that the pattern of my body was breaking down and that it needed to be stabilized. And it so happened I knew of a body pattern very close to mine and my needs, that could mesh with my energy here, and it was not in use as it was a past pattern. (Past existence). So I locked on to it and drew it as close as I could. Got home from chemo and showed what I had done to Laura. Chemo massively messes with my abilties so Laura had to take over. So she started meshing the patterns. It took a while (weeks) but she did it. Thats beleif. Now strangely, we did not tell anyone that we were doing this

till we got an email. Rena emailed Luara, she had figured/seen what we were doing and told Laura how to do it better and all sorts of details of the pattern we were meshing. I hate my beleifs sometimes, they scare me.


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