thread: 2007-02-26 : Exorcism followthrough

On 2007-03-01, Matt Kimball wrote:

Ben says:

Because we human brains are all big and responsive and stuff, does that mean that other things don’t have the experience of forces? Because we can talk to each other about our experiences, does that mean that the non-communicative, non-responsive things (like rocks) don’t have them?

Excellent!  If you just acknowledged that you have a subjective experience of self, then perhaps we are more in agreement than you might think.

Indeed, there is no evidence one way or another about whether a rock has a subjective experience of self.  It does lead to the next question, which I again have no answers for.  If the rock has a subjective experience of self, does that have any ethical implications?

Hint for discussion:  Most people on this thread probably don’t know that I am sort-kinda vegetarian, in an inconsistent fish-eating and free-range tolerant kind of way.  This may be related to the question I just asked.


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