thread: 2007-02-26 : Exorcism followthrough

On 2007-03-02, Matt Kimball wrote:

I find Charles line of thought above to be interesting.  I would like to note that if one accepts the subjective experience of self as universal among humans, and if one supposes it is physical in origin, and if one were to hypothesize that the experience of self provided an evolutionary advantage at some point, then one must accept the existence of free will.  Otherwise, how would the possession of the experience of self make any evolutionary difference?

However.  This flavor of free will might still be compatible with some kinds of determinism.  So, I think Vincent can have his cake and eat it too, with regard to comment #3, way at the top of this thread.

Hey Kids!  Here is a potentially dangerous consciousness / free-will philoso-experiment to try at home:  Snort some Ketamine.  I think you’ll find your sense of free-will will be diminished, and your sense of self will be accentuated, perhaps due to the disconnect of free-will.  The fact that ingested chemicals can alter them suggests to me a physical basis for sense of self and free will.


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