thread: 2007-02-26 : Exorcism followthrough

On 2007-03-03, Tris wrote:

Matt: Ketamine - I think my perception of free will would be diminished, not necessarily my free will.  In the spirit of dangerous experiments:  Convince yourself you can fly.  Really convince yourself.  Take ketamine if it helps.  Then jump out of a window.  Just because you believe you can fly, doesn’t mean you can.

Others:  The Problem of Pain - I didn’t mean the problem of evil, I was quoting the title of a C.S.Lewis book.  Basically, if I was an all loving all powerful and all knowing god (forgetting any paradoxes therein) I would not have allowed you to suffer as much as you have.

If I had to have a certain amount of free will in the world, for some divine and unexplicable reason of my own, why would I not give humans the free will to fly, but instead give them the free will to murder?  If I were god, I’d change physics so that people couldn’t murder, but could fly.  That would help a lot of things, and I can do it, because I’m all powerful.


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