thread: 2007-02-26 : Exorcism followthrough

On 2007-03-03, Matt Kimball wrote:

Charles asks what I mean by free will.

What I mean by free will is that the man in my head, the one from reply #30, the one I believe exists because I percieve it to exist within my own head, the man which also creates the phenomenon of “what-it-is-to-be-like”, that man, I believe, causes some of the actions my body performs.  The alternative would be that the man simply observes, as if watching a movie.

The man’s response to stimula and decided course of action could be entirely physically based, and furthermore could be entirely deterministic.  This doesn’t invalidate the free will.

What I mean that free will is diminished under the influence of Ketamine is that one still has a strong perception that my subjective sense of self exits, that man in ones head exists, as strong as one would when sober, but he’s watching a movie of the experience of one’s senses.  (Now with Smellovision!)  The perception was he lacked the ability to change the outcome.  And that seemed noteworthy to me.  This whole experience, I believe, is what is sometimes meant by the slang term K-hole.  It is unlike sleep, because while asleep the subjective sense of self, the man in my head, goes away.


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