2006-02-21 : RPG Theory Review

Mendel Schmiedekamp is doing something really good. Check it out: RPG Theory Review.

It's an ideal companion to the diaspora's aggregators and feeds.

1. On 2006-02-21, Emily said:

You're totally right. This is a fabulous idea.

Thank you, Mendel.


2. On 2006-02-21, Ben Lehman said:

RPG Theory Review is amazing.


3. On 2006-02-21, Brendan said:

The week in RPG Theory opened with a bang as Matt Wilson crashed Vincent Baker's invite-only soiree atop the Luxor.  Did somebody say dogfight?  Matt has been Vincent's rival since the latter stole exotic beauty Ben Lehman from under his nose last fall.  Then on Wednesday, Ron Edwards committed an embarrassing faux pas—showing up to Andy Kitkowski's Iron Game Chef event with smeared lipstick and a noticeable hickey!  Whence came the mysterious mark?  We can't be sure, but confidential sources tell the Review that Ron was spotted cuddling with Troy Costisick in a private booth at KueiCon.


direct link

This makes...
BA go "(I kid.)"*
RE go "My innermost fantasy revealed"*
SDL go "BA..."*
TC go "LOL...."*
BL go ""Since the latter stole this exotic beauty...""*

*click in for more

4. On 2006-02-21, Judd said:

Nice blog.  Thanks for the tip, Vincent.


5. On 2006-02-21, JasonN said:

Dangit.  Somebody make RPG Theory Review a podcast!


direct link

This makes...
MDS go "I'll see what I can do."

6. On 2006-02-22, Mendel Schmiedekamp said:

Thank you.

I am currently looking for some guest articles, either on a particular basic concept of RPG theory (like the lessons) or the guest's personal take on RPG theory as a discipline (like the editorials). Just let me know if you are interested.

As an aside, I've found that reviewing and summarizing debates and other people's theories as objectively as possible has been helpful with my own theory work. Sometimes taking a step outside helps to get perspective.


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