2006-06-29 : Game Games update

What with 1/4 to 1/3 of the judges getting married this past weekend, and what with my own personal innate laziness, we haven't made our list of finalists yet. Hang in there!

1. On 2006-06-30, Matt Wilson said:

It's a sexy laziness.

So sexy.

And what's up with the J and C wedding? Was it teh rad?


2. On 2006-06-30, Vincent said:

Oh MAN was it the rad.

I should post about weddings, actually.


3. On 2006-07-02, Ninja Monkey J said:

We were really happy that you guys were there and that Isaac and Elbow found each other. Great match. They live nearby, too.

We're all married now, and since I don't have to EVER PLAN A WEDDING EVER AGAIN, I can actually do some things now! Like play games!


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