2006-09-14 : Some game stuff

(Or did you think I'd forgotten why I'm here?)

Game stuff one: Ron explains the purpose of the Forge.

Game stuff two: we have our first game-games finalist. Shannon, by Daniel Solis. Meg and I played it a few times.

Game stuff three: Meg's designed a second game, despite her protestations that never, ever, ever. It's been, what, three months since she finished the last one? So ha ha. I am 50% woot and 50% one of us, one of us...

1. On 2006-09-14, Meguey said:

The porch is mighty cold for sleeping, laughing boy....


2. On 2006-09-14, Seth Ben-Ezra said:

Heh, I understand that feeling completely.  "I've decided that I never want to write another game again!"


"Well, except maybe this one.  But then I'm done!"


3. On 2006-09-14, Meguey said:

Y'all are zombies, man! Instead of brains you eat mechanics, though. Jeesh. It's a good thing so many of you are so interesting and cool.


4. On 2006-09-14, Seth Ben-Ezra said:


Of course, that ends up sounding like we're hungering for a specific kind of brains.

It's true, though, even in my boardgaming.  I'll sit around after a game, discussing the mechanics with Ralph (Mazza) and arguing about the game's design.


5. On 2006-09-14, ScottM said:

Is IPR swooning over Mechaton goodness?  I have minions a-purchasing to direct...


6. On 2006-09-14, Vincent said:

Mechaton ETA 2 weeks.


7. On 2006-09-19, Daniel Solis said:

Thank you soooo much, Vincent! It's a real honor. Shannon will be particularly delighted. :)


8. On 2006-09-19, Daniel Solis said:

BTW, Vincent. I believe the prize for finalists was some feedback? ;) *wink wink nudge nudge*


9. On 2006-09-19, Meguey said:

Yeah, that too! We've got non-rpg games scheduled for tomorrow; we should play Shannon again!


10. On 2006-09-23, Judd said:

I miss game stuff here.



11. On 2006-09-25, Vincent said:

Tomorrow some game stuff, I promise. Or wait, maybe Wednesday.


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