2006-11-22 : Mechaton book for sale at last!

Go here for buying options.

A) Yes, I had a funny problem with my printer about it. They gave it two page 16s instead of a page 15 and a page 16. A few of you received a comp or review copy before Meg caught the problem, for which my apologies. It's fixed now!

B) Yes, it's on its way to IPR too. If you expect to be doing any holiday shopping at IPR (and really, who doesn't?), I recommend that you hold off another few shopping days until it's available there. I won't be able to ship any books until next week anyway.

C) Yes, if you'd like the pdf too, just include a note to that effect. I'll set you up.

edit: D) Yes, if you bought the game at GenCon, email me and I'll give you the new pdf for free, with my thanks.

1. On 2006-11-22, Vincent said:

Oh crap! If you bought the book from me at JiffyCon, it lacks page 15. Email me and we'll arrange a replacement.

Page 15 is my favorite page in the book. It doesn't have any game rules on it, but it's the page with "I do to you now the enormous hurt! You're just a hurdy gurdy man!"


2. On 2006-11-22, Matt S said:

What's the difference, if any, between this book and the one you sold at GenCon? Have I missed something?


3. On 2006-11-22, Vincent said:

Other than layout, the new book's tighter edited and it includes a couple of new minor rules, like the one for blowing up cover and the one for giving a mech two weapons at the same range. Nothing of substance.

(The one for blowing up cover is: you know how when you've shot someone out of cover, you damage them on a 5 or 6, but when you've shot someone in cover, you damage them on a 6 only? The new rule is: you damage their cover on a 5. Damaging inert cover means breaking 3 bricks off of it, but what's awesomest is damaging their cover when they're hiding behind a mech. Unless it's one of yours.)

(The one for giving a mech two weapons at the same range is: it's allowed, and the second weapon gives a red d8 at that range, instead of more d6s. This rule is awesome for 2- and 3-turn demos, but I haven't tested it in real play, so beware.)

Also, if you bought the game at GenCon, and in fact I'm going to edit this in as a general announcement, if you bought the game at GenCon, email me for the current pdf.


4. On 2006-11-27, Dave said:

Not being entirely sure of the best place to post such a thing, I put a quick actual play thread up at RPGnet.


5. On 2006-11-27, Vincent said:

Cool, thanks Dave!


6. On 2006-11-28, Vincent said:

Hey Dave, your thread has sold some games for me, seriously. If you're at GenCon, shake my hand and let me buy you a beer or something.


7. On 2006-11-28, Dave said:

Don't mention it! I may even be able to get to go to GenCon next year, being not-living-in-a-foreign-country-anymore and all.


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