2007-03-05 : You don’t have to go home...

It's become clear to me that while there needs to be a place for these conversations, my dumb little blog isn't serving them well. Not thready enough, too linear, too poorly indexed, plus it changes all of J's typography into ???.

I would knife fight a man: Sex, God and RPGs.

Let's see what happens.

1. On 2007-03-05, Dave Younce said:



2. On 2007-03-06, Majcher said:

Does IWKFAM on vanilla have an RSS feed?  I'll be quite sad if it doesn't.


3. On 2007-03-06, NinJ said:

FUCK! Vincent, you've totally ruined my day with that forum! I have things to do, you know!


4. On 2007-03-06, Judd said:

What Joshua said.

Neat joint.


5. On 2007-03-07, Sydney Freedberg said:

Why would you knife fight a man, exactly? Why not, say, fight a woman with a bazooka?


6. On 2007-03-07, NinJ said:

Dude, I can think of a lot of good reasons not to fight a woman with a bazooka. I mean, I'd never even get close.


7. On 2007-03-08, Clinton R. Nixon said:

I wonder how long "I would knife fight a man" lasts as a slogan for a forum that focuses on gender in RPGs. It's a fun place to read, though. I appreciate the slogan homage, Vincent!


8. On 2007-03-08, Vincent said:

Well, we've already had one knife fight. The stuff runs tempers hot.


9. On 2007-04-07, Dave Y said:

Conceptual repairs, eh? That should be interesting.


10. On 2007-04-08, Brand Robins said:

He means he's banning me and removing all my posts.


11. On 2007-04-09, Dave Y said:

No wonder it's taking all weekend, Mr. Posts-a-lot. ;)


12. On 2007-04-09, Meguey said:

We had a lovely weekend, with lots of good food, good gaming, good non-deonominational celebration of Spring, etc, etc. We didn't spend every waking hour taking turns posting on Kinfe-Fight. And yes, I'm waiting to see what happens next, too. :)


13. On 2007-04-09, Vincent said:

The knife fight's back live, but now you have to type "human" in a box before you can post.


14. On 2007-04-15, Charles S said:

I like this description of the change to "knife fight."

Keeping out a different sort of spam...


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