2009-08-26 : J and Rob Make a Game

And you can listen to them do it, step by step. Here's the first step: Oo! Let’s Make a Game! Episode 001: What Now?

I'm listening to it now. "The great thing is that we can actually kill the children."

1. On 2009-08-27, Robert Bohl said:

I just wanted to pop on here and say a) thanks, Vincent, and b) we now have a functional feed url, thanks to David from The Podgecast. You can plug that into your podcatcher (iTunes, or whatever), and listen to us every week.


2. On 2009-08-29, Joshua A.C. Newman said:

Well, you can listen to us flail and argue, at least!


3. On 2009-08-30, Robert Bohl said:

Are you suggesting that we should fake like Jerry Springer shit? For listeners?

I like the sound of that.


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