2010-07-19 : 2 Apocalypse World announcements

For people who've preordered Apocalypse World:

The final PDFs are up. If you haven't, go back to the Forge Bookshelf and redownload.

(I've already announced this on the barf forum; this is the same announcement again, not a new one.)

For people who still might preorder Apocalypse World, but haven't yet:

Presuming reasonable-to-modest sales at GenCon, I've totally sold through the first run of books. I'm going to order a second print run when I pick up the first, but what this means is: if you order the game between now and August 1, it counts as a preorder (so you get the limited edition Maestro D' character playbook), but I won't be able to ship your book until around August 15.

Preorders end August 1, and normal orders commence August 2.

1. On 2010-07-19, Jay Loomis said:

Congratulations on the sales!
I can't wait to get the physical book in my sweaty little hands!


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