2011-10-05 : Such a Fanboy

Quoth I, on the twitter:

While excellent in every way, the Doubleclicks do not make very evocative music for when you're working on a thing about murderous ghosts.

Quoth the Doubleclicks:

We will try harder to be scary. Um... RAaaar!!1

Sometime later:

Video: A new song is up! It's about teddy bears! Mr. Bear.

I don't imagine that they made it for me, but it's like they did!

1. On 2011-10-05, Lukas said:

I'm going to see them on Friday night two blocks from my apartment!


2. On 2011-10-06, Silerias said:

So cute :)


3. On 2011-10-06, Joshua A.C. Newman said:



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