thread: 2018-02-20 : Retrospective: Games

On 2018-02-23, Rafu wrote:

And here are the Allies:

  • An Attendant Spirit converts Renown to Insight.
  • A Caravaneer converts Renown to Leisure.
  • A Courtier converts Leisure to Prowess.
  • A Family Member converts Respect to Renown.
  • A Follower converts Righteousness to Renown.
  • A Former Teacher converts Leisure to Righteousness.
  • A Student converts Leisure to Illumination.
  • A Wife converts Prowess to Leisure.

Renown looks extraneous here, being a Stat rather than a Bonus, and I can’t really figure out how it should be converted (permanent loss?). Am I missing something in the rules, or is there a mistake in this chart?


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