thread: 2006-01-24 : Still More Character Ownership

On 2006-01-24, Vincent wrote:

Fred, “the only way I can see it working” doesn’t move me. It’s a failure of your imagination, not a real constraint on what I’m trying to accomplish.

Please, please, please, figure this out, somehow: IT’S FUN TO PLAY SUPPORTING CHARACTERS SOMETIMES.


This makes TC go "DBZ..."
Dragonball Z had an excellent cast of supporting characters. In the first couple seasons they were even cool. Later they got marginalized, but eh... Anyway, is that an example of what you're talking about?

This makes SF go "Yes, it's fun!"
My point in my "war stories" above.

This makes VAX go "Why can't the failure be my preference?"
Why can't my 'failure' be in what I like? Why can't my 'failure' be in what I play games for in the first place?

This makes VAX go "And furthermore..."
Why is my "failure" the only thing you find in my post worth commenting on?

This makes VB go "if you mean 'the only way I can see it working FOR ME...'"
...Then sure, it can be your tastes and agenda, no problem. It's also irrelevant, then, as I'm not here to discuss your tastes or agenda.

This makes VAX go "Yes, precisely, I should have been more clear."

This makes Sben go "Fun to play support"
... in the same way that it's fun, in a group of other smart and witty people, to play straight-man for humor. Sometimes I'd rather brighten the spotlight on a friend, rather than try to compete for it.

This makes JJ go "SOMETIMES!"
But supporting characters, by their very nature, have little impact on the story. it's immersion and unity based fun (support) vs narrative and gaming based fun (protag/antag)!

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