thread: 2006-01-24 : Still More Character Ownership

On 2006-01-24, Vincent wrote:

Neel: Hey, cool. I’ve noticed that in my actual play writeups I always write about a) my guy’s story, if it’s good, and b) contributions I’ve made to others’ stories, if they’re good.

Matt: Yeah, baby. Sorta agreeing and stuff: go!

The sheet starts out blank of character. It might, depending on the game, happen to be all full of player resources, but those don’t a character make.


This makes MSW go "Agreed!"
Now I'm all, ooh, what would those pretty resources be?

This makes VB go "hell, they could be..."
Strength, Stamina, Instinct, Will, Intelligence, Charm, and Perception, plus a list of skills!

This makes VAX go "They could?"
How do you keep those "player" resources from getting stuck to the character?

This makes MSW go "this is how:"
you can't assign them to your own character! Neato!

This makes VB go "here's a koan for you, Fred:"
Not every imaginary person is a character.

This makes WMW go "Can I just say ... YUMMY!"

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This reminds VB of Fred, a reference.