thread: 2006-01-24 : Still More Character Ownership

On 2006-01-24, Lisa Padol wrote:

So, premise: “Let the events of the game’s fiction choose whether your character is a protagonist or a supporting character.”

Question Posed: “Are we still obsessed with securing our personal characters’ relevance? Is the threat that our personal characters will be somehow made irrelevant still so urgent?”

Non-rhetorical preliminary question: Which me should be answering this? The me that tries stuff out at conventions? The me that has definite tastes in what I usually play? The me just doing theory in a theoretical vaccuum? Some other me?



This makes VAX go "Answer:"

This makes SF go "Supporting = relevant"
Heck, if you tell me up front "you're doing the supporting character now, plug into the protagonist's story according to these guidelines," I've got a better guarantee of relevance than traditional "my Guy" ever gave.

This makes VB go "good question, Lisa."
How about the you that's interested in how RPGs really work, underneath. I hope that's not doing theory in a vacuum, I hope it's closer to trying stuff out at cons.

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