thread: 2006-01-24 : Still More Character Ownership

On 2006-01-24, Matt Wilson wrote:

Begs the question: can you sit in the room while people are playing PTA (or whatever) without any sheet or fan mail in front of you and go “OMG that’s cool! How about doing this next?” and feel that it’s meaningful participation?

I think I could.


This makes VAX go "You can, if..."
You can if the System allows that suggestion into the game. If the players (with still-living characters) say "Shut up, your character is dead." then no.

This makes VB go "Fred: exactly!"

This makes GcL go "Matt - as the designer?"
I mean, do you think that the fact that you designed the game makes it easier to either "feel" good about that participation and/or to have it BE meaningful?

This makes MSW go "GcL: yes."
Yeah, there's obviously some YMMV stuff going on. I designed the game to fix things that bugged me in particular, so I'd be more likely to feel fulfilled than anyone else.

This makes GcL go "I think that's useful"
Because it implies that if we can get a similar kind of investment in the system from players, then they are more likely to feel good about (and be succesful in aplying) that kind of contribution.

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