thread: 2006-01-24 : Still More Character Ownership

On 2006-01-25, Tris wrote:

I play a character.

I participate in the story through the character.

A character dies.

I get a bunch of chips.

I influence the story by spending chips through the conduit of the values and relationships of the character.

If the guy my character loved is about to give up hope against a foe, I spend chips and BAM!  He remembers my dieing words, and fights on.


As he is about to give up, I toss the chips to one side.  “You realise that Joe’s death was meaningless, just another part of this stupid war”.

I’m driving the story with a dead character.


This makes TC go "Yes!"
That's what I'm saying. Are we getting it, Vincent?

This makes RE go "The Mountain Witch ..."
... does this. But I've never seen it in play. People are too wimpy to move on it, even when the rules are there and they work. Gamers are damaged.

This makes AJN go "CoS - Destiny points..."
...should totally be able to do this.

This makes VMR go "I was thinking a new trait"
In a Dogs sort of way, Old Zeke gave his life fighting demons 2d6

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