thread: 2006-01-24 : Still More Character Ownership

On 2006-01-25, Emily wrote:

Tim’s example points up a really important aspect of what V.‘s talking about: we don’t realize how much others are establishing about our characters all the time.  By responding in character, by provoking reaction, etc.  We think we own it alone, but really…

Re: MW players are wimpy.  It’s hard to get over the social component of “I’m hosing you if I take down your character”.  I’m shy about it. I’m just starting to get the handle of doing it as a player in games like PtA.  The GM has the advantage of everyone expecting that to be the case, but co-players are seen to be in a different social box.  Getting the permission/expectations set up so that what Tris suggests, and the full use of Mountain Witch mechanics is not just okay but applauded is a tricky thing.

Though, it keeps occurring to me lately that people expect each other to be cutthroat in poker and bridge.  Why is it so hard in rpg?


This makes ecb go "What Ron wrote & cross-posted with Lisa."
I expect the reason is what he said.

This makes VAX go "I think I already answered that question."

This makes KM go "I think its hard because..."
Ive been in games with a type of cut throat players who were mean. They weren't about making a great story, they were about using game power against other players to feel good about themselves. There for my initial reaction to playing cutthroat in rpgs I being a jerk here? Because worse than playing with that guy is being that guy.

This makes TB go "Because"
They aren't playing RPGs that make this behaviour what play is. So players who do it are breaking with what everyone else is there for. But see Rune for something close.

This makes TLR go "Step on Up"
Cutthroat RPGs? A lot of stuff at the Gamist end of the spectrum. Rune is a good example and is pretty explicit. But hey, Great Ork Gods is totally cutthroat. There's plenty of examples, but they generally don't lend themselves to a Nar perspective since it's not jamming, it's a rap battle.

This makes TC go "Wow..."
Ironically, I named my biker gang game Cutthroat because of this very behavior. Rather than find ways to punish and discourage it, I embraced it. Pretty fun game, really.

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