thread: 2006-01-24 : Still More Character Ownership

On 2006-01-29, Vaxalon wrote:

Does anyone think it’s ironic, that a few years back at the Forge, we were trying to figure out ways to keep GM’s from de-protagonizing the PC’s, and now we’re trying to figure out ways to get the players to do it?


This makes VAX go "...and to each other no less!"

This makes Tim go "Um, what do you mean?"
De-protagonizing a player means to make their contribution moot or otherwise ineffective. What Vincent is proposoing is the opposite. He wants to make sure everyone's contribution remains relevent.

This makes SDL go "PCs not Players..."
...right? It's a cool idea, and should make for a really different kind of game by allocating roles to characters instead of players... but i'm not really sure if it is my cup of tea. (Then again, i still prefer a GM)

This makes TC go "Right on SDL..."
These games might not be for everyone. Vincent is a die-hard Narrativist. I respect Nar games and definately like reading them, but I'm much more of a Gamist. And as one, it doen't mean that A) I have to play his games, and B) I can't respect his games. Cause I do.

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